The latest in water conditioning and softening technology form Dailymag Magiko

The latest in water conditioning and softening technology form Dailymag Magiko

The latest in water conditioning and softening technology form Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water softener. Environmentally friendly non-electrical, non-chemical.

Dailymag Magiko a heavy dual magnet quality magnetic water softener/conditioner which simply straps to your main water inlet to a house in 60 seconds without tools. Anybody can install it. Solid steel with superior potency magnets. Not all neodymium magnets are the same potency though they may be the exact same size. As Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water softener create a magnetic field within the inlet pipe which performs the conditioning function, this difference is critical.

Water contains iron & minerals, and the worst the water, the more minerals which translate to hard water, water with high mineral-iron content within. This Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water softener system uses basic physics to change the molecular structure status of water, as calcium/lime deposits and other minerals remain suspended in the water while it flows, causing them not to stick to dishes, skin, fixtures and pipe walls. Those minerals still suspended, completely go through your plumbing system and out the drain instead of being deposited into your fixtures, pipes, dishes, and on your skin.

Proudly made in China. There are other units with ceramic magnets, which have a tenth or less of the power or they are selling for considerably more money units that do not have the total magnetic power of this unit, which is generated by 2, very high-grade neodymium magnets.

The rating of the magnetic force is critical and there are none close to this for this price. Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water softener Installation is simple-place the unit around the pipe, use the included nylon/velcro strap included to fasten it. Will fit any size household water inlet pipe made of copper, iron, or pvc/abs.

Now very hot sales at Netherlands and thousands Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water softener have been sold to customers with bad water in Australia, Great Britain and US Western States of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Utah, and we get compliments.

There’s a difference, and nothing even comes close for the price.

Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water softener Never needs replacing or servicing, or maintenance!

Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water softener 10 year full warranty!

Magiko is a new brilliant brand of Dailymag Magnetics. It is with excellent design and best quality of magnetic fuel saver. We offer a comprehensive magnetic fuel savers service for you. You will enjoy a unexceptionable experience with Magiko magnetic fuel savers and products.

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