WP-2 (Water Power) Magnetic Water Softener, Magnetic Water Saver, Magnetic Water Conditioner

Model: WP-2 (Water Power), 1 PAIR SET

Patent No.: ZL 2012 3 0317926.8

Brand: Magiko


WP-2 (Water Power) Magnetic Water Saver/Softener/conditioner Features:

1) Durable ABS plastic case;

2) 300% powerful compared with normal magnetic water conditioners, 4000 gauss;

3) Large size: D45xd25x150mm;

4) Made in durable self lock case, very convenient to install without any tools;

5) Special for 1″(25mm) water pipe and flexible hose;

6) Fit for home, hospital, clinic, laundry room and hotel


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