The Principle of Magnetized Water

The Principle of Magnetized Water

The Principle of Magnetized Water

Magnetization is a simple physical process, not a softening process. It is generally believed that the magnetic treatment of the water system mainly accelerates the crystallization in the solution, thus greatly reducing the direct crystallization and hard deposition of salts on the heating surface, playing a role in scale prevention. The research shows that the scale inhibition effect of magnetic field is closely related to magnetic field strength, solution supersaturation, flow rate and various ions in the solution. In addition, there is another saying that magnetic treatment changes the structure of water itself, thereby changing some properties. Considering these two aspects at the same time, there are mainly the following assumptions and inferences.

1. Lorentz force action:

The mutual movement of water and magnetic current can generate induced current. Under the action of Lorentz force, water molecules with weak polarity and charged ions of other impurities move in the opposite direction. In this process, positive and negative ions or particles collide with each other to form a certain number of “ionic complexes”, which are stable enough to form a large number of crystal cores in water. Suspended particles with these crystals as the core can stably exist in water.

2. Polarization:

The polarization of the magnetic field changes the crystalline composition of the salts. The polarity of the particles is enhanced, and the cohesion is weakened, so that the original long association molecular chain in the water is truncated into a shorter association molecular chain and the deformation of charged ions, which destroys the electrostatic attraction between ions and changes the crystallization conditions. To form dispersed stable small crystals.

3. Hysteresis effect:

Magnetic field causes the hysteresis effect of the magnetic couple of salt molecules or ions in water, thus changing the solubility of salt in water, and at the same time making the affinity (crystallinity) between salt molecules disappear, preventing the crystallization of large crystals.

4. Reorientation of magnetic torque:

In a certain group reaction, the magnetic field affects the reorientation of paired magnetic moments in the group, and affects other chemical reactions through such an intermediate mechanism. The reaction kinetics has changed, and the proportion of new products in the reaction results has also changed.

5. Hydrogen bond deformation:

After the magnetic field directionally polarizes the dipole molecule of water, the electron cloud will change, causing the bending and local short crack of the hydrogen bond, and increasing the number of single water molecule. These water molecules occupy the pores of the solution and can inhibit the formation of crystals. And change the overall performance of water.

6. Change of activation energy:

The influence of the magnetic field is related to the transformation of the system. Although water gets little energy when magnetizing, there is an “energy barrier” between the beginning and the end of the system. To overcome this energy barrier, corresponding energy must be delivered to the system to trigger the activation energy. The short time effect of the magnetic field plays a role of “catalyzing” the change of the activation energy of the water system, which ultimately leads to the change of the properties of the whole system.

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