Magnetic Water & Magnetized Water

Magnetic Water & Magnetized Water

Magnetic Water & Magnetized Water

Magnetic water is water that has been magnetized by a magnetic field. Let ordinary water pass through a magnetic field of a certain strength in a direction perpendicular to the magnetic field lines at a certain flow rate, and ordinary water will become magnetized water. It has a wide range of applications in the fields of beauty, industry, agriculture and medicine.

1. Principle of Magnetized Water:

The magnetization of water is a purely physical process, not a softening process. It is generally believed that the magnetic treatment of the water system mainly accelerates the crystallization inside the solution, so that the direct crystallization and hard deposition of salts on the heating surface are greatly reduced, and the effect of scale prevention is achieved. The research shows that the scale inhibition effect of the magnetic field is closely related to the strength of the magnetic field, the supersaturation of the solution, the flow rate and various ions in the solution. In addition, there is a theory that the magnetic treatment changes the structure of the water itself, thereby changing some properties.

2. Development of Magnetic Water:

As early as the thirteenth century, people have noticed the medical effects of magnetized water. In 1945, Belgian Weimeiran successfully applied magnetized water to reduce boiler scale and applied for a patent. This technology is widely used and developed in the United States, Japan and the former Soviet Union because of its simple device and no need for any chemical reagents. China’s research on magnetized water began in the early 1960s. In the past, due to the rapid development of chemical water quality stabilizer technology, the application and promotion of magnetic water devices was slow, and this technology has regained attention. The application objects have been involved in various fields such as building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, agriculture, medicine and so on. It has achieved certain results in the fields of descaling and anti-scaling of industrial boilers, wax and viscosity reduction in oil fields, and magnetic therapy in medicine. How to combine the magnetization effect with the environmental pollution control technology to improve the sewage treatment effect has gradually attracted people’s interest.

3. Application of Magnetic Water:

Magnetized water is widely used in industry, agriculture and other fields.

In industry, people initially treated small amounts of boiler water with magnetic fields to reduce scale. Magnetized water has been widely used in the cooling system of various high temperature furnaces, which plays an important role in improving the cooling efficiency and prolonging the life of the furnace. Many chemical plants use magnetized water to speed up chemical reactions and increase production. The construction industry uses magnetized water to stir concrete, which greatly improves the strength of concrete. Textile mills use magnetized water for desizing, and printing and dyeing factories use magnetized water for color matching, all of which have achieved good economic benefits.

In agriculture, soaking seedlings with magnetized water can make the seeds germinate quickly, the germination rate is high, and the seedlings have the advantages of plant height, stem thickness and root length; irrigating the fields with magnetized water can loosen the soil, accelerate the decomposition of organic fertilizer, stimulate Crops grow. Through practice, it has been found that the yield of crops such as soybeans and corn and vegetables such as radish and cucumber can be increased by 10-45%, and the yield of crops such as rice, wheat, and rapeseed can be increased by 11-18%.

Wash clothes (strong detergency) and clean the container (can remove the scale and anti-scale of the container).The ultra-high-strength magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet changes the physical structure of the minerals in the water without changing the original chemical composition of the water. The magnetic field is above 3000GS-5000GS, so that ordinary water can be cut along the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field line at a certain flow rate, and through a certain strength of the magnetic field, ordinary water will become magnetized water. Magnetized water has various magical properties. The originally associated chain-like macromolecules are broken into single small molecules, and the dipole moment of the water molecule is deflected. The positive and negative ions (scale molecules) of dissolved salts in the water are surrounded by a single water molecule, which changes the needle-like crystals of calcium, magnesium and other scales in the water into granular crystals, and the mutual adhesion and accumulation characteristics are destroyed. Or there is no hard scale on the management wall, and the granular crystals are discharged with the blowdown hole. At the same time, due to the increase of the dipole moment of the water molecules, the attraction between the positive and negative ions of the salt is increased, and the original old and old ions on the heating furnace wall and pipe wall are increased. The dirt gradually cracks, loosens, and falls off by itself.

4. Influence of Magnetic Water:

Magnetized water technology not only plays an important role in the field of descaling and descaling of the water circulation system, but also has a good effect on the treatment of wastewater by magnetic field water treatment technology. Significantly better than wastewater without magnetization. This is mainly due to the change of the water properties after magnetization, which leads to the change of microbial growth conditions and flocculation conditions.

5. Magnetic water conditioner/softener

A device that can prepare magnetized water is called a magnetic water device. According to the form of the magnetic field, the magnetic water device can be divided into two types: permanent magnet type and electromagnetic type; according to the position of the magnetic field, the magnetic water device can be divided into two types: internal magnetic type and external magnetic type. Permanent magnet and electromagnetic magnetic water heaters have the same effect under the same gap magnetic field strength, but each has its own characteristics. The biggest advantage of the permanent magnetic water heater is that it does not require energy, and at the same time has a simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain. However, its magnetic field strength is limited by magnetic materials and magnetization technology, and there is a phenomenon of demagnetization with the extension of time or the increase of water temperature. . The advantage of the electromagnetic magnetic water heater is that the magnetic field strength is easy to adjust, and it can reach a very high magnetic field strength. At the same time, the magnetic field strength is not affected by time and temperature, and the stability is good, but it needs an external excitation power supply. Compared with the inner magnetic water heater, the outer magnetic magnetic water heater may have greater advantages. Its main advantage is that it is not necessary to stop the water and disassemble the pipeline during maintenance, and it is not easy to cause a magnetic short circuit. At present, there are four patents on magnetic water devices in China. These patents achieve the purpose of magnetizing water by selecting different magnetic materials and the path form of water flow.

As shown in picture, the Dailymag magnetized water device——Magiko Magnetic water conditioner/softener has a tubular appearance and is made of aluminum material and super powerful water magnet, with screw at both ends that can be directly connected to the pipeline. The inside of the magnetized water device adopts two sets of magnetic rods made of special alloy permanent magnet materials with opposite N and S poles. Magiko Magnetic water conditioner/softener are arranged according to N-S and N-S. The magnetic field energy is very high, which can be as high as more than 10,000 Gauss. The intensity decay rate is 3%. Since the magnetizing device uses permanent magnetic materials, there is no need for external power supply and no power consumption. The structure is simple, does not require any adjustment, and does not require special maintenance and maintenance, and the installation of the device is very convenient and does not occupy a lot of space.

Our Dailymag Magnetic Magiko employ magnetic water conditioning technology to reverse the polarization of the minerals in your water. This results in the removal of existing corrosion and hard-water scale buildup and is the eco-friendly way to solve your hard water problems and safely enjoy better-tasting, clearer water.

The company that manufactures Dailymag best magnetic water softeners is an organic environmental solutions company that’s been around for over 30 years. If you’re ready to improve the quality of your water, you should try an Dailymag Magnetic water conditioner.

Magiko is a new brilliant brand of Dailymag Magnetics. It is with excellent design and best quality of magnetic water softeners. We offer a comprehensive magnetic water softeners for you. You will enjoy a unexceptionable experience with Magiko magnetic water softeners and products.

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