Magiko Fuel Saver FAQ

1) Is the fuel saver appropriate for each engine?
Yes: it improves the performance of all engines and it causes regular removal of combustion residues on the pistons, valves and injection system .

2) This super fuel saver – does it change the rate of exhaust gases?
Yes: with cleaner fuel combustion rates, toxic gases and pollutants are reduced up to 50%

3) At what time the saver is it effective?
Immediately after installation, without any loss of power without changing your driving habits, you will find that the mileage of your vehicle increases. It reaches its full effectiveness when combustion residues are removed (they are removed as kilometers traveled with economizer), fouling of the engine depends on the age , mileage and good maintenance of the vehicle. This saver diesel and gasoline is undeniably the best in value for money, efficiency is instantaneous.

4) The fuel saver does it prejudice the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty?
Absolutely not, it is called an “intrinsic” device. Which means no part of the engine must be moved, removed, or removed to install. The saver is simply attached to the outside of the fuel inlet hose.

5) How often do you change the saver?
We do not change the screensaver. It installs saver for the entire life of the engine. It continues to increase your fuel economy and reduce emissions as long as he remains on the fuel inlet hose. You can also remove it if you consider selling your vehicle. The saver is everlasting, unchanging!

6) What is the operating principle of the saver?
The secret of how the saver is a special provision of strong magnets, according to industry standards, which creates a magnetic field around the fuel inlet pipe. This magnetic field makes more homogeneous fuel molecules, facilitating their combustion. The fuel thus becomes more fluid which naturally enables better micronisation, and air-fuel mixture combustion.

7) Does the saver resist high engine temperature?
Of course! The unique material is designed to be effective at much higher than those achieved by the engine mass temperatures. This is the material that the biggest car manufacturers use for parts to be 100% effective at high temperature.

8) I have seen other similar products, what makes this different from other saver?
This fuel saver is the only such product that has been tested and proven effective in the world by thousands of users.
Other products may seem to have some of the characteristics of this one but this is the only product of its kind whose technique is patented and whose trademark is filed. The others are often copies of poor quality with a less powerful magnet and a plastic lower quality bearing risk of rapid degradation with risks of damage to the engine.
In addition, the price offered here is one of the lowest because our only goal is a maximum of motorists can benefit from these advantages for the benefit of the portfolio and the environment.

9) How does the fuel saver?
Each fuel contains additives making it less dangerous for transport and storage (pure gasoline is very volatile). These additives are mixed with the fuel at a determined temperature refinery. Some specific studies have shown that when a sudden change in temperature (tank, fuel line, heat the engine compartment), the additive molecules are linked with those of the fuel. There are also many types of bridge bonds between the hydrogen molecules which make the least fluid fuel. And thus far no optimal combustion could occur, although each engine is designed for it. Thanks to precise the fuel saver permanent magnetic field, this sequence of two different molecules is canceled and hydrogen bridges are broken and re- oriented according to this field molecules: the combustion of fuel and produces less optimized residues (up to 50 % reduction in harmful values ​​in the exhaust gas)
The “new” combustion resulting from the action of the fuel saver, allows the engine to use less fuel (saving up to 25%) Fuel and optimized flowing through the return line to the tank, cleans them. Another positive aspect is the increase in the lifetime of the engine and catalyst.

10) How many savers put on an engine?
For an engine of more than 2 liters or 2000 cc it is advisable to install 2 for optimum results. For engines less than 2 liters a fuel saver enough.
For a truck it is advisable to put one per injector to get the best results. However install a fuel saver on the main fuel supply line is already decreasing consumption.

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