Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver is UNIVERSAL INSTALLATION

Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver is UNIVERSAL INSTALLATION

Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver is UNIVERSAL INSTALLATION

* Diameter: Vehicle specific
* Length: 3 3/4 inch – 90 mm. 

Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver is designed to dramatically reduce intake restriction allowing more air flow to your engine & to create a perfect vortex. Special IAT/MAF sensor controlled electromagnetic fluctuations will stimulate oxygen ions to be constituted in a regular airflow conformation instead of irregular swirling. More & regulated air means more usable power & acceleration throughout the RPM range.


Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver concept was developed to improve fuel efficiency, low- & mid-range power & torque. Kit includes a performance chip is controlling electromagnetic fluctuation through Intake Air Temperature sensor.


Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver improves fuel economy & nets gains of up to 4 miles per gallon, in addition can add up to 30 ft lbs of torque & up to 20 HP. Supplies included but MAF ADAPTER MIGHT BE REQUIRED. MAGNETIC FUEL SAVER PERFORMANCE INTAKE INSTALLS BETWEEN THE AIR FILTER (BOX) & INTAKE MANIFOLD. It will first give the intake more Cubic Feet Per Minute of air. Magnetic Fuel Saver speeds up the incoming air charge in the intake. This in return gives you tremendous combustion efficiency. More air charge, better MPG & more power. Thanks to a faster & efficient combustion burn it will increase your gas mileage by 1 to 4 MPG and provides great extra torque and 5 to 20 HP.

Most people know that colder weather makes things contract. The colder gas is when it enters the combustion chamber, the more air can be added to it to create a bigger explosion, which generates peak economy & more power. Longer pathways permit greater heat dissipation. This is the theory behind this great product. Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver causes the incoming air to tumble for better mix atomization transported into the combustion chamber.


Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver has been dealing with manufacture of upgrades since 2004. Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver ‘s experience warrants reliability & perfect style. Magiko Magnetic Fuel Saver Parts are made in China & covered by 5-YEAR WARRANTY.

Magiko is a new brilliant brand of Dailymag Magnetics. It is with excellent design and best quality of magnetic fuel saver. We offer a comprehensive magnetic fuel savers service for you. You will enjoy a unexceptionable experience with Magiko magnetic fuel savers and products.

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