Magiko fuel saver consists of two ultra-powerful magnets. With the passage of fuel through a strong magnetic field leads to splitting the hydrocarbon chain into smaller components with their subsequent ionization, which in turn leads to more complete combustion of gasoline or diesel fuel.

The fuel saver works on gasoline, gas or diesel fuel, putting molecules in order, and therefore when molecules entering the combustion chamber area, fuel burns more efficiently. It does not act on the engine. An engine tuned and maintained will react accordingly and lower the consumption.

10 years warranty.

Magiko fuel saver is a compact device that can be easily installed on the fuel hose; it does not require difficult installation or mounting. You can move from one engine to another when you change cars.

Magiko fuel saver has excellent results on both gasoline and diesel engines.

For motors, whether old or new.

Run 50 to 250 km further with Magiko fuel saver.

One of the best and simplest fuel savers in the world.

Reduction in consumption of fuel up to 20 %. In general it can reduce the consumption of fuel from 5% up to 25%.

This super fuel saver is virtually indestructible, immutable! It can reduce the emission CO2 and CH up to 50%!

Without changing your driving habits, with this super saver patented fuel you have only advantages! A convincing product conquers the world! For all engines! A saver for diesel cars as well as gasoline and motorcycles, heavy goods, machinery, and public works, snowmobiles, boats, agricultural machinery, buses etc. …

Do not be upset by the increase in fuel prices. Simply continue to drive farther than you suppose. With this fuel saver, you will see many advantages:

1. At each refueling, you will make more kilometers.
2. The best performance will be obtained after 2-3 topped up when your engine will benefit from the advantages of better combustion and thus get rid of unburned particles and scale.
3. Your engine will be more regular and quieter.
4. Your engine will have more power. The climbs will be easier.
5. Your portfolio will be better, it will be less biased: with this fuel saver quick savings calculations showed a gain of 0.08 to 0.35 cents per liter of petrol or diesel.
6. The environment will be doubly relieved: by reducing fuel consumption by reducing the release of gaseous pollutants due to better combustion.
7. Installation: Simple, fast, without tools. Mounted in 5 minutes, the time to open the hood, find the check fuel hose and place the fuel saver. Its mounting system allows installing the fuel saver in seconds the fuel supply. The hose is easily detectable in the engine compartment because it is often noted “fuel” above.
8. The effects occur immediately after mounting. You get direct benefits.

9. Security: Others have tested before you. They did not make any work on the motor. The manufacturer’s warranty is not reached and no problem occured.

10. Fuel economy up to 25 %.
11. Emission reduction reaches ​​up to 50%. Reducing carbon deposits and scale in your engine, thereby improving performance and extends the life of the engine. Without changing your driving habits, this super fuel saver is everlasting, unchanging!

12. Money back guarantee! Your satisfaction is our best advertisement. To obtain warranty service, simply return the saver in perfect condition, clean as you received it. Attach a copy of your proof of purchase. You do not even need to give justification to obtain warranty. This is a lifetime warranty.

We advise you to make measurements of consumption before and after period of 5000 kms (2500kms before and after installation) so you have a comment and as realistic as possible to judge the quality analysis.

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