Do magnetic water softeners work?

Do magnetic water softeners work?

Do magnetic water softeners work? As an environmentally friendly new product, everyone will have doubts. Our Dailymag Magiko, as a powerful supplier of magnetic water softeners, will answer your questions. This most mysterious and most important is the water softener magnetic system of the best magnetic water softeners.


Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener Magnetic Water Conditioner is assembled strong NdFeB magnet parts as water softener magnetic system. It forces +/- hydronium temporarily into cathode to exchange water molecule and mineral hydronium, makes Ca2+/Mg2+ to unite electron, losing cation function temporarily. therefore, even heating, Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener/Magnetic Water Conditioner doesn’t unite hydronium——for example So42-, the part of Magnetic Water Softener/ Conditioner makes water not to scale any more. Magnetic filter part of Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener/ Conditioner makes water soft, and scale will be never produced in water pipe.

The Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener Magnetic Water Conditioner strong lines of water softener magnetic system penetrate the tube wall and generate electric current while cutting fluids within the tube(Faraday Principle). Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener through this water softener magnetic system, the negatively charged tube and devices repel the also negatively charged ions, such as CO32-, O2-, fungus, stopping them from touching the tube wall. Meanwhile, Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener Magnetic Water Conditioner ionizes water(H2O→H++OH-), and attracted by the negatively charged tube wall, the H+of the ionized water resolves and softens the dirt until removes it from the surface. Ionized water may reduce the water surface tension and facilitate the sedimentation of impurities.

After passing through the strong water softener magnetic system of rare earth, molecules of regular water is polarized and charged, thus transforming the structure of calcium ion and magnesia ion(shaping into inert crystal) to prevent it from entrustment. Simultaneously, water alters in the following dimensions:


1. The water surface tension descends.

2. The salt solubility increases much.

3.  Molecules of water transform from large to small micelles to improve its activity.

4. The penetrability of water strengthens.

5. It will enhance the oxygen content of water.


Dailymag Magiko Best Magnetic Water Softeners have been sold to all the world. Of course, our customers will also check the effects of our Best Magnetic Water Softeners themselves so that we can sell our products reliably. Many clients also send their own consumer reports to us and the test results are very good. You can also one of our magnetic water softeners consumer reports as follow:

Our Dailymag Magnetic Magiko employ magnetic water conditioning technology to reverse the polarization of the minerals in your water. This results in the removal of existing corrosion and hard-water scale buildup and is the eco-friendly way to solve your hard water problems and safely enjoy better-tasting, clearer water.

The company that manufactures Dailymag best magnetic water softeners is an organic environmental solutions company that’s been around for over 30 years. If you’re ready to improve the quality of your water, you should try an Dailymag Magnetic water conditioner.

Magiko is a new brilliant brand of Dailymag Magnetics. It is with excellent design and best quality of magnetic water softeners. We offer a comprehensive magnetic water softeners for you. You will enjoy a unexceptionable experience with Magiko magnetic water softeners and products.

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