About Soft Water & Hard Water

About Soft Water & Hard Water

About Soft Water & Hard Water


1. What is soft water?

Like water temperature, a property of water called water hardness expresses the amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water. Simply put: Hard water is water that is high in calcium and magnesium, and soft water is the other way around.


Ps: (hardness can also be divided into carbonate hardness and non-carbonate hardness and the difference between temporary hardness and permanent hardness according to anions. This article only discusses the temporary hardness of carbonate)

2. So how to divide hard water and soft water?

  1. Distinction in water hardness value: Worldwide, different countries have different regulations on water hardness. For example, water with less than 50mg/L calcium carbonate in the United Kingdom is soft water, while in the United States, water containing less than 60mg/L calcium carbonate is considered as soft water. Classified as soft water. China does not have a guiding standard, and most of the industry currently uses the US classification.
  2. Water quality reports from local water companies. Since some cities do not disclose 42 water quality reports, when the water hardness cannot be inquired through the water company, the following methods can be used to inquire.
  3. Use the TDS conductivity pen to estimate the maximum water hardness (water hardness is included in the TDS and will never exceed the TDS value)
  4. Purchase a total hardness tester and test water hardness by titration to obtain a more accurate value.
  5. Send water samples to third-party testing agencies.

3. how to form hard water?

This is because, in the natural cycle of water, rainwater is the “distilled water” formed by nature. Containing very few minerals, such water has strong solubility. After falling on land, it is washed by soil, seeps underground, and participates in the formation of sedimentary rocks. The two main ions in water hardness, calcium ion and magnesium ion, exist in many sedimentary rocks (sedimentary rocks), the most common being limestone and dolomite.


Therefore, it can be found from the Chinese river water hardness map that most places with abundant rainfall and near glacial water sources have low hardness and are naturally soft water.


4. The influence of hard water on home life.

a.1 When the water hardness is greater than 200mg/L, it will also cause a certain degree of precipitation in the cold water pipe network.


a.2 When the water hardness is lower than 100mg/L soft water, it will increase the corrosion of metal pipes.


b.1 In heating equipment, scale deposits impair the heat transfer between water and heating elements, reduce heating efficiency (water floor heating system), may overheat and damage heating components or shorten their life (such as coffee machine blockage due to scale accumulation), and in Hot water use appliances, such as unsightly limescale plaques on sanitary equipment, and limescale lumps formed on kettles, cause extra cleaning work.


b.2 In a pressurized heating system, such overheating will lead to boiler failure, such as an electric water heater, and the scale may block the pressure relief valve and cause an explosion.


c.1 Most detergents contain ingredients that neutralize the effect of hard water on surfactants, so the harder the water is, the more detergent you need to use, otherwise it will be difficult to remove stains.

5. Effects of hard water on human health.

According to the World Health Organization, “there does not appear to be any convincing evidence that water hardness causes adverse health effects in humans”. [2] In fact, the U.S. National Research Council has found that hard water can actually act as a dietary supplement for calcium and magnesium. [1] Several studies have shown a weak inverse relationship between water hardness and cardiovascular disease in men, with calcium carbonate levels as high as 170 mg per liter of water. The World Health Organization has reviewed the evidence and concluded that the data are insufficient to recommend a level of hardness. [2] Recommended maximum and minimum levels of calcium (40-80 ppm) and magnesium (20-30 ppm) in drinking water, total hardness expressed as the sum of calcium and magnesium concentrations 2-4 mmol/L. [3], other studies showed that the correlation between cardiovascular health and water hardness was weak. High hardness water in the home may be associated with eczema in early infancy [4].


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6. How to reduce water hardness to get soft water and advice­?

——Dailymag Magiko magnetic water softener & conditioner & filter.

Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener Magnetic Water Conditioner is assembled strong NdFeB magnet parts as water softener magnetic system. It forces +/- hydronium temporarily into cathode to exchange water molecule and mineral hydronium, makes Ca2+/Mg2+ to unite electron, losing cation function temporarily. therefore, even heating, Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener/Magnetic Water Conditioner doesn’t unite hydronium——for example So42-, the part of Magnetic Water Softener/ Conditioner makes water not to scale any more. Magnetic filter part of Dailymag Magiko Magnetic Water Softener/ Conditioner makes water soft, and scale will be never produced in water pipe.

Our Dailymag Magnetic Magiko employ magnetic water conditioning technology to reverse the polarization of the minerals in your water. This results in the removal of existing corrosion and hard-water scale buildup and is the eco-friendly way to solve your hard water problems and safely enjoy better-tasting, clearer water.

The company that manufactures Dailymag best magnetic water softeners is an organic environmental solutions company that’s been around for over 30 years. If you’re ready to improve the quality of your water, you should try an Dailymag Magnetic water conditioner.

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