Branded boxes, pouches, hang tags – printed with your logos and graphics

Custom inserts like manuals, warranty info, instructions

Protective padding molded to fit your products precisely

Sustainable materials – recycled paper, biodegradable plastics

Anti-counterfeiting measures – tamper seals, holograms

Mandatory package markings – country of origin, safety info

Special coatings – UV, waterproof, anti-corrosion, etc.

Structural packaging – die-cut boxes, vacuum forms, clamshells

Accessories – string, hooks, lanyards with your branding

Export-optimized outer boxes for easy shipping

We offer fully customized packaging solutions that showcase your brand identity while securely protecting products during shipment and storage. This allows you to deliver a premium unboxing experience.

Manufacture products based on customer’s complete specifications

  • Customers provide comprehensive specifications document covering all product details, specifications include complete technical drawings, bill of materials, material/component requirements, and all dimensions, our Engineering and manufacturing team review specifications to ensure producibility
  • We source all the required raw materials and components as specified, production follows the approved manufacturing process flow outlined
  • Quality control performs inspections at each stage to meet spec tolerances, Finished products are checked against the customer’s QC criteria
  • Full product traceability is maintained throughout the production process
  • We comply with special packaging and shipping requirements
  • Timely delivery of the finished goods as committed

We utilize manufacturing capacity across network of our partners

  • Expanded production capacity – Ability to handle large order volumes across multiple factory partners
  • Geographic diversity – Partners located in key fishing product manufacturing hubs
  • Flexible scaling – Ability to add/reduce capacity quickly based on demand
  • Cost optimization – Leverage factories with competitive pricing for each product type
  • Risk mitigation – Spread across multiple partners to minimize supply chain disruptions
  • Quality oversight – Our QC team conducts inspection across the partner sites