We can handle complete product design, engineering, prototyping based on customer’s requirements, develop new product ideas and suggestions for customers

Product Design

  • Work with customer to create design brief outlining product requirements
  • Generate initial design concepts and renderings for feedback
  • Refine designs through multiple iterations to meet specifications
  • Create technical design files, schematics, CAD models, and drawings


  • Test strength under stress
  • Check cooling ability of bags, coolers
  • Ensure smooth casting and reeling motions
  • Improve vibration resistance of gear
  • Prevent corrosion of tools in water
  • Improve grip shapes for comfort


  • Produce initial prototypes for concept validation
  • Test prototypes extensively for performance and usability
  • Refine prototypes iteratively based on feedback
  • Create pre-production prototypes identical to finished product

New Product Ideas

  • Research target consumer needs and pain points
  • Maintain awareness of market and competitor trends
  • Leverage knowledge of manufacturing capabilities
  • Propose new product designs or variations on existing ones
  • Collaborate with customer to determine viability

Design mold opening process


Factory Sourcing and Cost Estimation

  • We have established strong partnerships with reputable factories in China to ensure the highest quality and competitive pricing for your project.
  • Our experts provide a detailed cost breakdown for your product development journey, including prototype creation, molding, testing, bulk order production,packaging, and shipping.
  • We offer expert advice on crafting, materials, and packaging to optimize the appeal and functionality of your product.

Prototype Development

  • Based on your product concept and 3D design, we collaborate closely with our partner factories to create prototypes.
  • Our rapid prototyping service is not only cost-effective but also swift, with prototypes ready in as little as 3-7 days and budget-friendly rates (starting at just $100).
  • For handmade items, we ensure that samples closely mirror the final bulk production items.

Molding Solutions and Packaging Design (03-150)

  • For products requiring unique molds, our experts facilitate specialized 3D printing tooling.
  • Our in-house design team collaborates with the best-priced packaging factories to create customized packaging solutions.
  • We work tirelessly to ensure your packaging aligns with your brand and product identity, making revisions until you are fully satisfied.

Mass Production Management and Shipment (04-150)

  • Upon prototype approval, we initiate mass production, closely monitoring every step of the process to ensure product quality.
  • Our team oversees the entire production process, ensuring your gear is manufactured to the highest standards.
  • We handle all logistics, from production to shipping, ensuring your products reach their destination reliably and on time.