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  • Magiko Design

    Magiko is a top brand of fuel saver. We truly value quality over quantity and understand customer needs better than any other company. Magiko's philosophy of quality and design pervade every aspect of our business.

  • Dailymag Design

    We are experts in Magnetic, Mechanical & Electric fields with a keenly focus on Quality issues! We aim to deliver every new project with higher quality standards as compared to the previous ones delivered. We love what we do and that's what is reflected on both the quality of our work and our reputation.

  • Magiko Products Design

    We have a series of Apollo-M, which is specially designed for 8 & 12 cylinder Luxury cars. The magnetic parts are made from 100% top grade neodymium (Nd) magnet and thus they are 300% powerful than normal magnetic fuel savers. The Apollo-M series have perfect unique arc shape design and are packed with all metal aluminum & stainless steel case. They are easy to install.

Amazing Feeling

Magiko fuel saver consists of two ultra-powerful magnets. With the passage of fuel through a strong magnetic field leads to splitting the hydrocarbon chain into smaller components with their subsequent ionization, which in turn leads to more complete combustion of gasoline or diesel fuel.

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Magiko Fuel Savers

Run 50 to 250 km further with Magiko fuel saver. One of the best and one of the simplest fuel saver in the world. Save fuel up to 25%! In general it can save fuel from 5% up to 25%.

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